A Great Deception

A Great Deception

A courageous revelation of the truth about the Dalai Lamas, past and present.

So much for Shangri-la and a “holy” political leader. A Great Deception is a compelling account of Tibetan history and the activities of the current 14th Dalai Lama that stand in shocking contrast to popular perceptions.

The aims of this book are religious – to end the Dalai Lama’s illegal ban on a mainstream Buddhist practice. However, to get to the heart of this human rights issue and to gain the support of those who can help resolve it, A Great Deception follows knotted threads of political ambitions, hypocrisy, subterfuge and betrayal to unravel the popular mythology that surrounds the iconic Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Read the book. Check the facts. Stop being fooled.




One Response to A Great Deception

  1. shugdenusa says:

    The name of the winner of the recent election, Mr. Lobsang Singey, has leaked through all over Tibetan settlements into the streets, even though the TGIE did not plan to release the results of Kalon Tripa elections until April 27. The overwhelming majority of the Tibetans voted for him – 29,253 leaving behind Tenzin Tethang with 18,415 votes and Tashi Wangdu – 8,967. Lobsang Singey is an outsider of TGIE, and his victory with such a huge margin demonstrated that the Tibetans are fed up with the existing TGIE and the scandals around it for the last years.
    Samdong Rinpoche’s speech in May 2010 in New York City expressed his fear that more and more Tibetan people start losing faith in Dalai Lama. He also mentioned that Rangzen (Tibetan for “Independence”) activists and democratic thinkers are more “dangerous” to Dalai Lama than Chinese communists and Shugden followers. http://www.jamyangnorbu.com/blog/2010/09/10/dangerous-liaison-i/
    Certainly Dalai Lama found himself on the same side with Chinese government and on the other side of his supporters in the whole world who had been expressing their support to him and Tibetan independence for the last 50 years.
    It is obvious that the recent elections showed that Tibetan people do not want theocracy government any more. Dalai Lama was one step ahead to step down. I f he waited then people would ask him to step down. ..

    Shugden USA

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