The Dalai Lama has announced his resignation!

The Dalai Lama has announced his resignation, intending to cede political power but retain religious leadership of the Tibetan people. It is difficult to know if he will be able to give up political leadership and create democratic institutions because his announcement comes so close to the upcoming elections and parlimentary meetings. Also there is no history of democratic institutions to rely upon. The Chinese will rebuff this move as cynical manipulation and the Tibetan followers will certainly find themselves confused as the Dali Lama has been undemocratic in his suppression of the Shugden worshipers. It is a step in the right direction but the Dali Lama must speak clearly about the peoples full rights and the separation of church and state; if this change is to be successful


The world reacts to the news in a very surprised manner. Actually this is not news. This is not the first time the Dalai Lama announced his wish to resign. The Dalai Lama knows that in the past the Elected and the administrative staffs of the Tibetan government in exile; many different Tibetan organizations/associations, will request Him not to resign. This may be seen as a step just to further stabilize his power and scare the Tibetans who follow him blindly. Because he feels he is losing supporters amongst independent thinking Tibetans. His middle way approach (giving up Independence to Chinese authority in exchange for his peaceful image) and the segregation policy caused by his opposition to the Shugden worshipers. This drama may further legitimitize the power and the leadership of the Dalai Lama and further improve his image in the world, especially in the eyes of the western Tibetan supporters, as a great, compassionate,” self sacrificing leader,” as someone who does not want power!!


Any so claimed democratic government of the” Tibetans in exile” needs to start to work like a “democratic government” and not a theocratic group hidden from public view!. Hopefully, the Dalai Lama will actually practice what he says he wants…democracy!; and it will form in the peoples urgent near future.



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