Tibetan NY March 5th 2011

On Tibetan New Year, March 5, in New York, several hundred Tibetans of North America got together for an registration opening ceremony of a non-profit  organization North America Gelug Buddhist Association.  The organizations have been in existence for several years, but not until a few days ago when it was finally registered. The new name of the organization reflects that it is comprised now of all North American members, whereas the old organization was an organization of U.S. members. Congratulations on the new organization came from all over the world – Taiwan, India, Nepal and Western Europe. The current president of the organization Lobsang Dorjee greeted everybody and wished a Happy New Year. In his speech he explained mislead by the reason for registering the new organization.  Lama Chopa prayer lead by Zawa Rinpoche from Montreol, Canada, Vice-President of the organization,  was followed by Dorje Shugden prayer, Tibetan traditional dances and songs.  On the second day of the festivities the members of the new organization had a discussion on better ways of preserving lineage of Lama Tsongkapa’s teachings. Right now the lineage is under the threat of distortion due to the ban of Dorje Shugden deity’s practice and ostracizing its followers within the Tibetan community in Exile by Dalai Lama. Obviously Dalai Lama’s picture is not at the altar of the group,  but there are pictures of Panchen Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche and Pawangka Rinpoche.  Former president Gyaltso explained that they are no longer accept Dalai Lama as their spiritual teacher or a political leader. The decision was made by members of the group after Dalai Lama had been continuously contaminating Tsongkapa’s  lineage by mixing religion and politics. Also, present secretary, Atha Tsering explained that on order to preserve the pure lineage they must condemn Dalai Lama’s way of mixing religion and politics. Tenzin Tsultrim, a senior member of the organization, was also giving speech where he said that they had great teachers and lamas, and people and the truth was on their side, therefore they don’t need to worry but need to be united. Sonam Lama, former vice-president, said that mixing religion and politics means contaminating not only Gelugpa tradition, but also all Buddhism. From history it is known that using religion for political purposes by Tibetan Government brought a lot of obstacles and difficulties for different traditions of Tibetan Buddhism – Nyigma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelugpa.  In order to be able to protect the lineage they must identify the enemy and educate people by pointing this out. As soon as the people learn the truth the people will take the side of the truth and not be mislead by the fake smile.

DVDs with recording of the event will come soon.

North America Gelub Buddhist Association’s web-site is www. nagbausa.org

e-mail: info@nagbausa.gmail.com

North America Gelub Buddhist Association, 135-50 Roosevelt Avenue, 1146 Flushing, New York, 11354


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