Why Two Faces?

Visitors to Tibet often remark on the apparent freedom of religious practice. Prayer Flags flutter on the tops of buildings and every home has an altar. But despite the apparent signs of religious freedom this is the very issue that is presently keeping Tibet from unity, But this time it is not the hands of the Chinese who are preventing Religious Freedom it is the exiled Tibetan Government housed in Darmasala, India.

The people of Tibet are not free to practice their religion. Government suppression of religious activities, including intrusive monitoring, draconian regulations and restrictions, and state-sponsored intimidation and violence, mean that free prayer and worship, something many people across the globe take for granted, is almost impossible in Tibet. Recent crackdowns, however, make it clear that things have not improved, and may be getting worse. In recognition of this injustice, we seek to promote and help realize full religious freedom for the people of Tibet.

The Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize 1989 winner and supposed champion of human rights is busy at work removing the religious rights and freedoms of one section of his own Tibetan people and persecuting all those who are trying to stand up for these rights;

Do you believe in peaceful coexistence of all faiths and beliefs in this world, and particularly the attention of the people who believe in freedom of religion and human rights. We do. . .


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